Why HTML email can be a pain?

There was a time when designing and developing HTML emails was ranked amongst the worst experiences for any web designer. Not just because they were difficult to code, but because they looked pretty boring and lacked the visual appeal. Those HTML emails had table-based layouts, inline styles, non-semantic markup, and client-specific hacks.

Following are the reasons why HTML email can be a pain for developers as well as the readers:

1. HTML emails lack standards : The code used to design these emails is just plain HTML and CSS which is no way like on the web. No real standards exists between email clients, leading to a crazy code.

2. Email Clients : Email clients, like Outlook and Gmail, all render HTML and CSS differently. So the same message looks different on different clients. It becomes difficult to design and create one email that looks perfect on all clients.

3. Lots of hacks : Even well-designed email campaigns need to rely on client-specific hacks to make things work.

4. No JavaScript : The web’s favorite language has no place in email, as email clients (rightly) strip it due to security concerns.

5. Inline styles : Unfortunately, most email clients force you to rely on inline styles and attributes for nearly everything in email.

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