Why is Email A/B Testing Important For Marketers?

Email marketing is important for any digital b2b marketer. Email marketing is a platform to directly access and communicate with your current clients as well as future prospects. But if you do not cater to your audience, all your email marketing efforts might just go in vain. They will immediately unsubscribe from your email list which definitely affects your email performance. There has to be a way to know what you are doing is correct and will result in better performance or how do you know if there is something that needs a change? Email A/B testing will help you answer those questions.

Below are guidelines and best-practices to follow when it comes to email marketing. There are several factors that go into building a strong email campaign for your company, and those include:
  • Subject lines
  • Images
  • Design
  • Calls-To-Action
  • Who the Email is From
  • Content
  • Timing of send
The above mentioned factors are the most important ones to A/B Test.

Once you have chosen a factor to be tested, then choose a small sample of your audience that you will send your variations of the factor. For example if you are testing your email subject lines, send 'A' subject line to a portion of your audience and send 'B' subject line to another portion of your audience. The A/B test allows you to measure a factor on various parameters. Choose the parameters that are important to you. Like in case of email subject line it is generally the open rates or click-through rates. Compare both the results and select the one that performed better or if you are unsatisfied with the results, test another email subject lines. Without testing the factors above, you run the risk of not fully optimizing your emails for your audience.

It is very difficult to master the art of email marketing. There might be brilliant marketers but not the perfect ones. But with email testing, you might just master the art of email marketing. Without email testing, you may be missing out on simple changes that can go a long way for your email campaign. A/B testing can only help your email marketing get better and better.

Email testing gives you a complete analysis of your email campaign. With A/B testing you are able to analyze the results directly from your audience. Based on your audience reaction, you can adjust your email campaigns. While email testing you can analyze unsubscribe rate, open rate and click through rate. The results of this test can help you determine what is working, or what can be improved upon.  

That's why it is vital for a b2b marketer to A/B Test each aspect of an email campaign. You never know a simple change may go a long way for your email campaign.

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