Why is email still the perfect business communication channel?

There are many who advocate the fact that email marketing is dead. But the truth is, it is still alive and very much in practice. Email is still the best and most preferred channel for business communication. Following are some reasons as to why email is still the perfect business communication channel.

1. Emails are more personal. Email facilitates one-to-one communication and is so much better than phone and snail mail for reaching out to people in the global market across time zones and continents.
2. More serious. Grown-ups discuss business and build business relationships in emails. It is the core of business communication and actually took over the role of standard mail. Even serious business offers are handled via email.
3. Attention grabbing. Messages sit in the inbox ready to be viewed again, with fewer distractions than social media.
4. More targeted. With advanced segmentation and automation, email lets you customize your offer and send maximally relevant information to your prospects and current clients.
5. Cheaper. It’s the most profitable marketing channel, with ROI still around $28 per dollar spent (As long as you have a high quality email list}.

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