Why is segmentation important?

Segmenting email lists allows you to send right content to right people at the right time. You can segment your email lists and leads by the data collected on form submission as well as the interactions they have had with your marketing team after they are already a lead in your database. Data collected after a they become lead can be things like clicks on a specific CTA, tweets at your company's Twitter handle, or views on a specific page on your website -- they can all help you get even more specific with your segmentation.

For instance, if a lead visits your pricing page, they might be evaluating your software and nearing a purchase decision. That's great! You can now trigger automated nurturing emails to continue that conversation and move them closer to buying.

Sophisticated marketing platforms have the ability to create lists with almost unlimited criteria, so that you can drill down as much as you want. Create a list of criteria list and include only the leads that meet all the criteria. This can be
  • All the leads from a specific area.
  • Leads working at a company (some criteria)
  • Leads that converted on an offer about social media
  • Leads who have downloaded a certain amount of content etc.
Now, you can send a hyper-targeted email featuring an offer to engage these leads and nurture them toward a purchase.

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