Why Marketing Emails Get Rejected?

Email marketing is widely used corporate marketing technique for lead generation and lead conversion. If your email marketing is not giving you desired results in terms of lead generation and lead conversion , then you need to tweak your techniques. Here are possible reasons of rejection of your marketing emails. Analyze the reason and adjust your email marketing accordingly to get desired results.

Bad email subject lines

Subject line creates first impression ,lot is riding on these 50 characters or less. By reading subject lines recipient decide whether to interact with your email or not. Some subject lines include “ALL CAPS', excess punctuation,misleading information,bad spelling or grammar. This might prompt recipient not to interact with your email. A/B test your email subject lines , to verify which subject line is more appealing to your recipients.

Repetitive emails

Even if your email subject line is catchy and professional to engage your audience, bu if your email message is dry, monotonous and repetitive then it might prompt your recipient not to read it till end..All your efforts might go waste. The faster you get to your CTA the better. Avoid very lengthy email message, try to be precise. Add a little edge to your message by adding human touch, or humor.

Exaggerating yourself

Through email you try to build long term relationship with your customers or prospects. Don't exaggerate yourself by making false claims, qualities that you really don't have. Be honest about your offerings. This helps to build trust amongst your recipients. If you make false claims , and don't fulfill it later, then you will lose customer faith. This will impact your lead generation,sales and revenue.

Wrong name of recipient

Email personalization is necessary to engage with your recipients. If you use wrong name of the recipient, it will upset them and will reflect the irresponsibility on your part., destroying your brand's reputation. To avoid this you should verify the accuracy of your email database.

Emails asking for sale

Email is a great medium to build relationship with your customers. Don't ask for sale in your email,your email should be educative and not too salesy.You can mention a free trial program, but don't jump on asking for sale.

Email is not reader centric

Your emails should be relevant to interests of recipients. They are not interested in topic about how your business is progressing, Use marketing automation to listen and respond to your audience’s preferences and behaviors to make your emails more relevant. Email is intended to engage your audience through conversations. If the email topic is not relevant to recipients interest then you won't be able to strike the conversation with them to build relationship further.

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