Why Should You Care About Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is process to rank leads against scale representing the value of each lead to organization. The resulting score is used to qualify sales ready leads. Points system is used in calculating lead score. points are given to certain key actions such as demographics, website visits, email clickthroughs, webinar attendance, content downloads, form completions, etc. Points get accumulated over a set amount of time. Lead score is the sum of these points.

Why lead scoring is important?

.Lead scoring is beneficial to your business in following ways.

1.It increases sales productivity and effectiveness.

Lead scoring help to asses the most qualified leads. When these qualified lead are passed on to sales team they spent less time chasing the leads who are not yet sales ready. This increases productivity of sales. As per survey conducted by CMS WiRE 31 percent named increased sales productivity and effectiveness

2.It increases the lead conversion rate

According to CMS WiRE survey 38 percent named increased conversion rates of qualified leads to opportunities. Lead scoring helps you to define qualified leads properly . It increases the chance of conversion from these qualified leads.

3.It helps you measure ROI on your lead generation.

Lead scoring helps you to measure effectiveness of your investment in lead generation program by distinguishing between sales ready leads and mere inquiries. According to survey conducted by CMS WiRE 42 percent named measurable ROI on their lead generation programs a main benefit. This helps you to determine cost input required to generate sales ready leads.

4.Time is the essence

Leads get cold fast , if you don't manage them at right time. With the help of lead scoring you can identify the most qualified leads and can manage them at right time.

5. Lead scoring gives better forecast and pipeline visibility

Accurate forecast and pipeline reliability is a challenging task But lead scoring ensures that sales team is working on sales ready leads . This significantly improves the quality of pipeline entries. This improves the overall reliability of the pipeline numbers,. This helps your sales team to forecast the revenues much better. As per CMS WIRE survey 27 percent named better forecast and pipeline visibility

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