Why Speedy Website Is An Incredible Part Of Online Marketing?

As marketers we make all efforts to create brand awareness and bring traffic to our website via social media, ads, back links etc. But your slow website speed can impact adversely the traffic brought to your website. In this article we will see how your website speed is important to capitalize your online marketing efforts

Speed is an important aspect of any website. We get so focused on driving maximum possible traffic from social media, ads, back-links and so on to such an extent that we sometimes overlook the website speed. Website speed can impact in following ways

Search engine rankings

Website speed affects your search engine rankings. Website performance is one of the important factor considered by search engines in their rankings.

Low website speed might upset your visitor

If your website takes longer time to load then it might upset visitor and might prompt him to abandon website. According to Radware 57% “abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.”

Can affect your conversion rate

Due to evolving technology more and more people use smart phones to access their emails, social media profiles etc. People expect speedy website and landing pages that take short time to load. If your landing pages and website take too long to load then you might be kicked you out of competition by compelling that visitor to go to your competitor. This can adversely affect your conversion rate

People now a days prefer speedy and visually appealing websites. A visually appealing website can slow down the website speed, and if your website is fast but not visually appealing that also affects your traffic. You can achieve these two things like high performance and visually appealing website by testing and improving your website speed. There are lot of tools available in market which can help you to test and improve your website speed. For example Pingdom, WebsiteTest these tools which can be used to test your website speed. Smush.it Google’s PageSpeed Insights these tools can be used to improve your website speed.

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