Why To Create Many Varieties Of Content?

Content marketing is one of the effective marketing tools. In content marketing content is a king. An effective and relevant content is very crucial to optimize the content marketing efforts. The content needs to be relevant to your target audience. We all are aware of this. But content has to be created and distributed in various forms like ebook,webinar, blogs, articles etc. You should create right content marketing mix to maximize the benefits of content marketing to your business.

Why do we need variety of content

1.Your audience consists of variety of people.

Your target audience is generally diverse. Each of them might have unique ways to consume and find the information. If you want your audience to consume your information,then you need to make them available different options to do so. By creating variety of content you provide them different options

2.Creates impact

Different content form has different impact on your target audience. For example if you have created a piece of content consisting of one large chunk of text and your target audience happen to be visual learners, then your content won't be able to make any kind of impact with them

3. Different learning styles

Each and everyone learn in different ways. Zazzle MD ,Simon Penson has broken down learning styles into 7 categories but here are the categories relevant to content marketing
Visual :Visual learners best absorb information that is in picture, image, map, colour and diagram format.
.Lgical :Logical learners retain information by using logic and by applying patterns to organise data.
Social : Social learners learn better in groups, bouncing off others and sharing ideas within a team.
Verbal: Verbal learners process information by verbalising data, for example, reading out notes to process and retain information.

You should try to develop appropriate content by identifying different learning styles that exist among your target audience, to engage your audience in best possible way.

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