Why to Include Rich Media Content in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is used widely by many organizations. To stand out in competition, providing unique content has become crucial. This is the reason why Rich media, an engaging form of content has become latest marketing buzzword.

Rich media is a form of content which has more dynamic elements and a richer user experience. Rich media can be defined as any form of content that deviates from normal text and static images and engages with the end user. Rich media come in many forms, here are few examples


Podcasts can be effective if your customers are auditory learners and process information much easier through sound. Its an effective way to build relationship,brand equity, with your customers across multiple channels ,by showing expertise


You can use ebooks, whitepapers to provide in depth information on industry specific topics. You can leverage this type of rich media content with opt- in offers or strategies to build email list of qualified leads


Video is another form of engaging rich media content. Videos helps customers to consume information easily and fast. According to Cisco video content will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Interactive content

Interactive content keeps audience engaged by providing opportunity to user to interact. Interactive infographics, scrolling parallax pages and digital quizzes are the few examples of interactive content.

These rich media content forms are different in nature , but contribute equally to optimize your content marketing efforts. Through these rich media content forms you can provide engaging, unique and dynamic content to your users.

CopyPress built ,an interactive infographic for Airbnb is a great example of how rich media content form can optimize your content marketing efforts. This interactive infographic displayed data from studies conducted by Airbnb across nine cities. The page gained almost 6,000 social shares and received a number of high-end mentions,like the Washington Post.. Airbnb presented complex data through engaging visual

Have you included rich media content in your content marketing strategy,? if not then you should seriously consider it.

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