Why to Use Social Media for Event Marketing?

Social media has changed over the years. Social media platforms are not just used for exchanging personal information. Businesses and professional are also now days using social media to market their business or exchange professional views on industry related topics. Due to this ,leveraging social media along with traditional tools has become necessary to market events. Using social media for event marketing is beneficial in following ways.

Expands audience reach

Social media expand the audience reach for promoting your event. Now a days social media is widely used by people for personal or professional reasons. Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly active users, Google+ 540 million monthly active users, Twitter 255 million monthly active users, Instagram 200 million monthly active users, LinkedIn 187 million monthly active users and YouTube has 1 billion users. 6.7 million people blog via blogging sites. If you promote your event on these social media you can reach to huge number of audience, moreover you can use the networks of your attendees who have already registered for the event by encouraging them to promote event on their network.

Help to decide on event topic ideas

You can also get help to decide on the most relevant topic for your audience by monitoring discussions on LinkedIn , Facebook groups. This will make event more valuable if you provide information on topic people are interested in and talk about.

Help to check feedback

You can use social media to extend your relationship post event. You can share event photos,videos over social media and encourage your event attendees to engage with you. You can also able to understand the feedback of your event ,by monitoring the group conversations about your event. This will enable you to restructure and adjust your future event.

Helps to improve future event planning

Through social media you can understand the feedback of your event. A positive feedback will help you to build your reputation which can be utilized for future event marketing. A negative feedback will help you to understand the flaws if any and adjust your future event. A negative feedback should be handled carefully.

The above benefits proves that promoting your event over all social media platforms can maximize event participation and benefits of event marketing for your business.

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