Why Your B2B Blogs Don't Give Desired Result?

Blogging is an integral part of B2Bcontent marketing strategies. Blogging helps in driving traffic to your website and foster customer relationship. Blogging gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers by creating relevant and informative content for your customers. If your blogging is not giving you desired results then following could be reasons behind it.

Not posting consistently

The whole purpose of B2B business blog is to drive traffic, increase SEO, and establish your organization as a thought leader. Consistency in posting your blog content help you to achieve these goals. Blogging once a week at least is advisable. You can do it more also.

Too salesy

Definitely purpose behind every B2B marketing strategy is to increase sales and secure more customers, B2B blog is also not an exception for it. Definitely you can create blog content around your product and services but it is advisable to not do it exclusively. Potential customers can gain understanding about your product and services from your company website. Your blog is a medium to show your potential customer that you are reliable option and you are an expert in your industry. You can include couple of links to your product or services.

Not providing educational content

Your B2B blog should be educational. It should teach something which is relevant to the business of your readers. Research,expert interviews, current trends these are needed but it is not enough to provide valuable content to your target audience. Try to provide general practical tips,How to-information.

You are not promoting enough

Promoting your B2B blog across all channels is also equally important. You need to make people aware of your blog through proper promotion. Promote it over social media You can promote blog on LinkedIn by posting it in appropriate group and encouraging discussion around your blog topic by posting questions. Invite group members to share experiences and views. While promoting it on Twitter add relevant hashtags. Reach out to your target audience wherever they are active online.

Increase visibility

Increase visibility of your blog on search engines by using appropriate keywords. Make sure your URL, title, image alt text and meta description accurately reflect your blog post topic. This will make your blog to appear on first few pages of search results.

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