Email Subject Lines Best Practices: The Complete List

Marketing campaigns and email newsletters survival in the inbox totally depends upon the way users scan and make an assessment of sender information and email subject line. It is the first impression and will either have a positive or a negative impact depending upon the subject line. It should give them a reason to open your email and read it. Mor

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Why Sales Reps Will Love You For Lead Nurturing Software

Despite whatever differences you hear about between marketing and sales organizations within a company, almost everyone agrees marketing should try and generate the highest quality leads (or well qualified) leads for sales to work with and not just focus on the volume. I was just reading a brilliant Marketing Sherpa case study : which is an insight

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What is the UNSUBSCRIBED count showing?

Unsubscribed count is the number of contacts who choose not to receive any email from you by clicking on the unsubscribe link in theemail sent through the campaign.

What is the BOUNCED count showing?

Bounced count is the number of emails from a campaign that were not delivered to the intended contacts. There may be various reasons for failure of email delivery like the email id may be wrong or there may be a hard bounce.You can view the list of contacts that did not receive the email by clicking on the bounced count.

What is the BROWSED count showing?

Browsed count is the number of browsed page activities from a campaign. If your email template contained links that directs to your website and you have installed Nurture Tracker code on your website, any activity performed by the contact like browsing the contact us page, company page, etc will be tracked by Nurture. The Browsed count shows the nu

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What is the CLICKED count showing?

Clicked count is the number of clicked link activities from a campaign. If your email template contained web links and contacts click on these links, such activities are recorded by Nurture. The Clicked count shows the number of contacts that clicked any of these links present in the email sent through a campaign.

What is the OPENED count showing?

Opened count is the number of email open activities from a campaign i.e the unique number of contacts that opened your email sent through campaign.


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