Essentials of Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing is he process of building relationship with the prospects with a motive to initiate a buying action. In B2B environment, the main purpose of a lead nurturing campaign is to create awareness about the service or product offerings. These emails eventually educate prospects about the key offerings and benefits they get if at all they buy the product. Lead nurturing is a critical process in every B2B marketing campaign. It starts from the point when a lead enters the marketing funnel til the time its ready to buy.

Marketers need to put in lots of hardwork in order to maximize their lead nurturing efforts. Following we have listed some essentials for an effective lead nurturing campaign.

Email lists - The email lists you create plays a vital role in an email marketing campaign. The first thing you need to take care of is including "opt-in" email addresses so that your emails doesn't land up in Spam section. Or if you are partnering with an email list provider make sure they have a good credibility and rapport in the market. One big advantage while hiring the lead data provider is that the lists you get well presented and clearly segmented lead data.

Segregated targets based on needs - Not all prospects have same needs and requirements. You have to segregate prospects with similar requirements. Define your target groups and then design the nurturing campaign.This way would could cater them well with want they are looking. Your lead nurturing campaign works best in such scenarios.

Customized emails - Customized emails doesn't only mean to address it by prospect's first name. Customizing here means a lot more than that. It is very important to send nurturing emails to the right person at the right time. Make use of the data obtained from website activity of the prospect and address his needs accordingly.

Track responses - Lead nurturing doesn't stop after you have send your first set of emails. A B2B marketer need to track all responses generated by the recipients. The critical responses to track are "email opened, email not-opened, links clicked, reports downloaded, mail deleted, report shared etc.

Email content - Simple and to-the-point email content is always better than the complex one. Provide crisp and clear information. Prospects might just loose interest because of information overload. State in clear words the action you want prospects to take if they are interested in your product or service.

Highlight key benefits - In your emails highlight words like 'save, more, benefit, money, important, value' etc. Think from a reader's point of view and list out points which are meaningful and relevant to them.


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