Key to Successful Lead Nurturing

B2B companies around the world have number of leads in their CRM system which are not sales ready. They have entered the CRM but ain't ready to buy as of now. Chances are that they may convert into sale in future. This is the point where many marketers go wrong. They believe, lead nurturing stops when a lead enters into the CRM system. But the truth is "Actual lead nurturing starts when a lead has entered into a CRM but is not sales ready".
At this point, lead nurturing comes into action. It helps your sales team to identify and focus on the potential customers who are sales ready. Lead nurturing is the process of reaching out "interested-but-not-sales-ready" customers on a regular basis through multiple channels to build a conversation, engage and build trust. Lead nurturing process helps you to build a relationship with your prospect buyer and be right there when they are ready to buy.

Here are few keys to successful lead nurturing.

  • Marketing automation is useful for lead nurturing. But it does NOT do lead nurturing. It is You who do.
  • Consider Lead nurturing across multiple channels i.e. email, telemarketing, social media etc.
  • Personalize lead nurturing campaigns based on rules to mimic real life conversations with your prospects.
  • Interview your prospect to have a clear idea as to what motivates them. Better understanding will help you achieve better results.
  • Providing accurate information to the prospect customer helps build trust.
  • Make it valuable for them and not you.
  • Think what you can offer them.
  • Be patient.


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