What is Marketing Automation All About?

In its simplest form Marketing Automation can be defined as an automated process that aligns and streamlines all your marketing processes like customer segmentation, customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for marketers and sales professionals. It is a software platform specifically designed for marketing & sales departments and the organizations to automate repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation includes:
  •       Demand Generation
  •       Lead management
  •       Lead nurturing
  •       Lead scoring
  •       Lead generation
  •       Lead Qualification
  •       Website monitoring
  •       Email marketing
  •       Landing page creation/optimization
  •       Campaign testing / Analysis
  •       Marketing asset management
  •       Data transformations
  •       ROI/Analytics
Key Tasks Performed by Marketing Automation:
  •       To Develop and analyze marketing campaigns and customers
  •       To manage marketing campaigns
  •       To store and organize appropriate customer data
The benefits of marketing automation include:
           It automates your marketing campaign work flow plus it has the capability to automatically identify between the campaigns that are and are not working for your company. It actually tailors your marketing campaigns.
      Empower your marketing team with key information learned about the sales and buying cycle.
  •       It easily blends and integrates with your CRM systems.
  •       It allows you to systematize and regularize contact with prospects and clients.
  •       It accurately tracks and measures the effectiveness of all your marketing activities.
  •       It Generates sophisticated reports and analytics.
  •       Helps generating qualified leads and increases revenue per deal.
  •       Saves time spent on tactical execution. Enabling you to shift focus on strategies & innovations.


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