Website List Building Tactics

A process of adding new subscribers to your email list is called List building. List building is an integral part of email marketing strategies. There are various ways to build email list from various platforms. In this article we will see website list building tactics.

Get traffic to your website to build email list

If no one visits your website you can't build an email list. Increase your website traffic before
implementing various list building techniques. Optimize visibility of your web site for search engines

Website List building techniques


Visual content is the most effective way to connect with your prospects. Add a video on your website. Video answers all customers questions. Video could be short demo of your product, a market brief This builds trust and credibility amongst your visitor..It is most likely that your web site visitor might give his or her personal information like email address, when you ask them to enter their personal information. For example a B2B marketer can add a market brief video, on evolving technology changes and how it is beneficial to solve current problems Then he can ask prospects to give their email address to get a free CD to know in detail. This will be helpful for B2B prospects It’s very compelling and it leads them to joining email list.

Your website should have a compelling offer

Give compelling offer to your website visitor to join your email list. People are always interested in perks and incentives. Your offer should be so compelling that your website visitor would happily give away their contact information to receive it.

Host a webinar on your Website

Hosting webinar on your site is another effective way of email list building. Webinar helps people to get educated on certain topic right at their desk. People readily give their personal information in exchange of it. Your webinar should be relevant to your target audience. Use a cost-effective webinar service like, GoToWebinar or even stream a Google+ hangout on your website

Lead Generation Landing Pages.

Creating lead generation landing pages is one of the most proven methods of email list building. Create dedicated landing pages for each marketing offer The more landing pages you create the bigger your email list will get.

Entrance or exit pop ups

Entrance or exit pop up on your web site is another way of email list building. These pop up windows can be very effective at persuading people to sign up for your newsletter Many B2B marketers use exit pops which had given them a phenomenal results.

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