Glimpse Of An Award Winning Auto Responder Campaign

And the Marketing Sherpa email marketing award for Best Automated Series Auto Responder goes to (long pause) Sony Corporation & Datran Media! If you look into the campaign which Datatran made a superb out of , you'll find a well crafted and equally well distributed campaign which consisted of 3 automated welcome email messages to a group new Sony Rewards Loyalty Program each sent a few days apart to engage them while educating them about the program. In contrast they also carried out a simple single welcome email sendout and the results were impressive. There are a number of different things you can take home from this great case study and lots that can be learnt but here are two points that stand out and can be useful in setting up automated email or lead nurturing campaigns too.

Customer Engagement Strategy

The second point that stands out is the customer engagement approach used by sending the emails on day 1, day 4 and day 7 to prompt action and get the customers attention and educate them on the benefits. This is the same strategy offered by which allows a programmed send out of emails and then subsequent follow up email messages activated on triggers which maximize the number of opens and click through. The effect of the customer engagement strategy for Sony? Well the results are quite stunning. Compared to the group that received a single welcome message, the multiple touch messages group had 157% more click through and 627% more clicks in general to the site.
Simply put. Customer or prospect engagement through email can be a powerful strategy!


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