Sending Emails From Salesforce Will Never Be The Same Again

They just got better. There's a lot of buzz at the Nurture camp this week as we get ready to officially throw open "" which has been in the works for some time.

It has been developed as an appexchange application which can easily be added to any existing account and setup very quickly. The application will help sales persons using Activity tracking has been one of the most useful features in and goes a long way in going into sales call better informed and having a clear idea of what content the lead has shown interest in. However this kind of insight was found lacking while sending emails straight from Salesforce accounts where sales teams usually contact prospects and leads from as the development team at Nurture noticed. Its the sales team which could really make the most of being able to track the interest levels and interest areas of a lead and use this to their advantage while calling or meeting them and since most of them are comfortable within the application environment, creating this activity tracking feature without having to leave the Salesforce CRM application seemed like the ideal solution rather than having to refer to a separate application.

While Nurture for Salesforce has not been listed in as yet and is still awaiting an officials release date, it's ready for any early birds who would like to check out a demo or add some punch to their SFDC email sending capabilities. Simply fill in the "" form at the bottom of the page or get in touch with us!


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