How do I use Content variables?

To create and use Content Variables:
1. Navigate to Settings page by clicking on the gear icon.
2. On the Left - pane, click on Content Variables.
3. Now click on Add Content Variable button on the top right. A popup will open.
4. Give a name to the variable and select the field from the drop-down that you want content variable to refer to.
5. You can also assign constants to custom variables.
6. The fields that appear in drop-down are the attributes of a contact.
7. Click on Add.
These content variables are now ready to be used in email templates.
Suppose you have created the content variables as follows : [name] for first_name, [contact_no] for mobile, [designation] for title. You can use them in templates as below :

Hi [name],
You have been appointed as [designation] in our Sales department. Your Mobile number is : [contact_no]. Please verify your contact number. Thanks.
When the campaign email is sent, at run time the fields in the [ ] are replaced by the actual values for each recipient if the corresponding fields exist.