How do I create a new Landing page?

Follow the instructions below to design a Landing page of your choice:
1. Navigate to Templates Tab.
2. Click on Add New Landing Page button seen on the right side.
3. Add appropriate landing page name and a page title.
There are 3 ways to create the main body of the landing page :
i. Paste Your Own HTML
ii. Write a Simple Text
iii. Choose a Template

i. Paste Your Own HTML allows you to directly paste the Html code. Use this option when you have a landing page design ready.
Please note that the images required in this landing page should be uploaded to Nurture. You can do it from Templates Tab by clicking on "Image Gallery" button.
Upload images here and use the links generated by Nurture in the Landing page.

ii. Write a Simple Text Email option allows you to create a landing page using an editor provided by Nurture. You need not have any prior knowledge of html to use this editor.
You can create only Text based templates using this option.
Draft the text for the template. Use Formatting options like font size, font colour, alignment, etc to enhance the user interface of the landing page.

iii) Choose a Template option allows you to select a template from some pre-designed templates provided by Nurture for Free.
Choose the design that best suits your need. Each of these designs are divided into small segments. Edit each of these segments using the corresponding editor.

If you want the recipient to be able to view the template in browser, select the check box that says "Add the optional text to allow users to see the email in a web browser"
Now, click on "Add Template" button to create the email template.