How do I use Landing Page Gallery?

A Landing Page Gallery consists of many beautiful and well tested layouts which can be used. To use Landing Page Gallery, click on Templates tab. Click on the Landing Page seen on the right top corner. Click on Landing Page Gallery button. A list of pre-designed landing pages will appear. You can preview these landing pages by clicking on Preview button at the bottom of each template.
Choose the appropriate landing page by clicking on "Use This Button" at the bottom of the required landing page. This will redirect you to the editing window. These landing pages are broken down into smaller segments each of which can be edited independently. Double click on the area that you want to edit. An editor for that area will open where you can edit and format text, insert images, etc. Make the necessary changes and click on Save. Follow the same procedure for other editable areas of the template. Give a suitable name to the landing page and page title. Click on Add Template button after you have completed editing the landing page.