5 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Small & StartupBusiness Should Use

Inbound marketing strategies benefit each and every business regardless of the size. But if you are a startup or a small business, you can benefit more from these inbound marketing techniques. Every business needs some kind of marketing to get in front of the target audience. But to find out what kind of marketing suits your business requirements and which one is more effective for your business is the key to success.

You may find that most of the traditional marketing techniques are too expensive for your small or a start up business. That's when you must try inbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing is an approach which help people find you naturally through search. Inbound marketing is about attracting interested people or prospects to your website or business instead of going out in search of them. Inbound marketing uses organic traffic (generated from search queries), opt-in forms and content marketing to attract customers. Inbound marketing is the best way to get people to your business no matter what your business is or what size it is.

Following are the 5 inbound marketing techniques that you can use for your business.

1. Give your readers a free guide which is related to your business: Make sure that guide is relevant to your business. Here your aim should be to offer relevant and useful information to your readers. This will also help you build your email list of interested people. Keep your guide as specific as possible, because you are using it to gain a certain type of visitor.

2. Focus only on one or two keywords in the beginning : Pick just one or two keywords and optimize them. SEO is one of the most important inbound technique for your business. In order to successfully gain organic traffic for relevant keyword, you have to use those keywords on your website. You should be aware of all the keywords which are relevant & related to your business. It is good to rank for a variety of keywords but is also a waste of time to try to win all of these keywords at once. Focus on your major keywords first and then move on to the other keywords.

3. Build your brand : In order to be successful as a marketer you must build your personal brand apart from your business. Especially in case of startups and small businesses. Instead of building the brand upon your personality you can build your brand then use your personal brand to promote it.

4. Make use of social media : Social media is where you share and promote your content. It has turned out inbound marketing into an experience. Now social media users actually interact with companies. Potential customers looks for a company's social media profiles (on each platform they use) to get in touch with the business or brand. However, for conversion, emails and organic searches are still the best sources. Do not assume social media channels as your conversion platforms, instead see it as a platform to interact and engage with people.

5. Create email Popups : Though pop-ups are annoying, but they've proved to be successful. An exit pop-up with an opt-in email sign-up form can help you build an email list. An email list is an important factor to build a business. Using a popup opt-in form can help grow your email list enormously.

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