4 Tips for Selecting Paid Email Vendors

Paid email programs, or sponsored emails are emails sent out to high-quality targets on your behalf.Paid email programs can help exceptionally to your email marketing strategy They extend your reach and increase your size of database.Selecting a appropriate vendor which will suit best to your email marketing campaign is very crucial .

Here are the tips to help you to select appropriate vendor.

1.Associate with the vendor who is well respected in your space.

Associating with the vendor who is well respected and gained trust ,gives you credibility. Their audience already trust them and may want to receive email.

2.Check out the authenticity of vendor database.

Vendor database is soul of your paid email marketing program..understand how large the vendor database is and how many times they clean and update their database. This will help you to verify that all customers of their database are willing to receive email.

3.Read Vendors media kit

Most vendors have a media kit on their website check out vendors media kit to find out program offerings, payment terms.

4.Fix pricing model

Paid email vendors charge on basis of cost per lead or number of email sent. Number of emails sent charging method is also known as CPM. You need to understand your business model to determine which pricing model is suit best for you. You can choose CPM,if its promotional email campaign spreading awareness else you can choose cost per lead model.

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