How the inbound lead generation path looks like?

Generating leads is a fundamental point in an individual's journey to becoming a delighted customer of your business. First, there are strangers, who are browsing the web and who don’t know who you are. You attract them to your website and they become your visitors. If they find the information valuable or if the information provided help them find a solution for a problem they have since long, they may subscribe to your newsletter or may fill out the form provided. Once they fill in the form and provide you with the email address, they convert into your leads. Then, your skilled sales team closes the deal, which is again a lengthy process and requires many interactions, and they become your customers.

Don’t stop at just converting them into your customers. You can go even further and delight them with your products/services. Not many companies know how to do that, but if you can manage this, then you’ve just turned a customer into a promoter. They are extremely valuable and you should nurture this relationship.

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