Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Through Lead nurturing campaigns you guide your leads at each stage of buying cycle. By providing content relevant to the needs of your prospects makes your company at the top of their mind. They might convert into sales. Lead nurturing campaigns require thorough planning. Here are few tips to help you improve your campaigns for maximum results.

1.Effective mapping of content at each stage

Lead nurturing requires lot of planning .77% of consumers want different content at each stage.
At stage one, the content should be about how to solve their problem
At stage two, the content should about your product, e.g. why you’re the best.
At stage three, the content should be about social proof like customer reviews
In the different stages there are different needs that has to be catered. Plan your content accordingly

2.. use lead scoring to know your lead stage

The best way to know where the lead is in the buying cycle is to use lead scoring feature in your marketing automation software. Lead scoring is a feature of marketing automation which is used to qualify lead..Lead scoring allows you to assign point values to different actions a prospect takes. For example, a prospect could receive 4 points for downloading whitepaper and 2 point for visiting your company’s website. Over time, as a prospect receives more points, you can assume they are moving forward in the buying cycle and it will help you to decide what kind of content to send them.

3. Behavior-based campaigns

Develop behavior-based campaigns which can be triggered by a specific combination of behaviors, such as downloading whitepaper and then returning to your website during a specific time window.With the help of marketing automation software you can create automated and multi-step email campaigns which are triggered by a specific web-based behavior such as downloading whitepaper, registering for a webinar etc.

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