Why To Nurture Your Leads Across Multiple Channels?

Most of the B2B businesses use email marketing for lead nurturing. Email marketing is indeed an effective way to nurture your leads, but that is not the only way to nurture your leads. According to Hubspot 79% of marketers say their email open rates don't exceed 20%.You will have to nurture your leads across multiple channels to reach prospects where they spend time online. Multi channel lead nurturing refers to communicating with people through targeted marketing messages across various platforms, device,touch points..Multi channel lead nurturing approach helps you to provide content offers in front of them through other channels like social media,display ads.

Why multi channel lead nurturing?

Multi channel lead nurturing approach extends the reach of your lead nurturing efforts by helping you to reach your prospects beyond email inbox. Other channels like social media,display ads helps you to reach both known and anonymous prospects with timely, targeted messages. You can educate your prospects with relevant content wherever they travel on web.

Your multi channel lead nurturing program should address the needs, pain points and gain points of your prospects. But question here is how can we nurture prospects on social media?. We don't get their contact information over social media networking profiles. Following are the ways in which you can nurture your prospects on social media

Provide free content

Provide valuable and relevant information like ebooks,whitepaper free to build trust amongst your followers on social media networking profiles. This way you can showcase your expertise. This will build trust and credibility amongst your prospects via social media.

Provide dynamic content by segmenting your audience.

Lead nurturing requires dynamic content and personalization. Understand your audience interest by following conversations and tracking keywords. Then segment audience according to their interest. Segmentation of your audience on social media helps you to provide relevant and dynamic content to your segmented audience. Give your prospects valuable information about your product and services. Try to establish your brand as thought leader by providing content addressing gain points and pain points of your audience.

You can't apply same principles of lead nurturing to social media as you would through other media. Social media lead nurturing help you to nurture your prospects in real time and staying on the top of their mind by providing relevant content. This will turn your prospects into qualified leads.

Multi channel lead nurturing approach is the best strategy to optimize your lead nurturing beyond Email.

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