How can I filter contacts?

Filtering contacts is a very handy feature provided by Nurture which helps you in segmenting your contact database as per your rules which you can use to create campaigns or monitor their performance. To filter contacts, navigate to the Contacts tab. Click on the Filter button on Contacts tab. A popup will be displayed.

You can filter contacts based on the following conditions:
1. Contacts tagged as tag_name.
2. Contacts tagged as tag1 and tag2.
3. Contacts tagged as tag1 but not tag2.
4. Contacts with attribute country / state / city / zip / title as United States.
5. Contacts with attribute country / state / city / zip / title has United.
6. Contacts who were sent / opened / did not open email email_template_name
7. Contacts who clicked / did not click link
8. Contacts who browsed / did not browse page
9. Contacts who filled / did not fill form Do you have a question?
10.Contacts with lead score equal to 25
11. Contacts with lead score greater than 10 but less than 35
12. Contacts with lead score less than 100 but greater than 20
13. All contacts but not tagged as Test
Select the desired condition and click on the '+' button. You can add any number of diversified conditions.
After you are done with adding all your conditions, click on the Apply Filter button. The contacts satisfying these conditions will be displayed.