How do I add a contact in Nurture?

Contacts can be added in 2 ways:
1) Navigate to the Contacts tab and click on the "Add New Contact" button.
2) Click on the '+' icon on the right top corner and select Add contact in the drop down menu.
Both these options will open the contact popup. Fill in the fields that you want to create for the contact. Email id is compulsory. All the other fields are optional.
You can assign a tag to this contact from the drop down menu or create a new tag from "Add new tag" option in the tags drop down menu.
Company name if provided will add the contact to that company.
You can add custom fields to the contact by providing keys and values at the bottom of the popup.
After filling all the details, click on Add New Contact button. This will create the contact.
Note  If the company name or the first name and last name is not provided, this is how Nurture creates them :
Suppose a contact is uploaded with email id as, the first name is jason, last name is bell and the company is created as simplewallsoftware.