5 Email Marketing Tips To Increase Effectiveness

If you’re an online marketer, you already know the power of list-building and email marketing. Building a list of loyal subscribers who trust you and like what you share with them, is not an easy task. Crafting and sending emails that get solid open rates is a skill you must practice and always be improving, Following are 5 tips that will help you increase your email marketing effectiveness.

1. Make sure your email do not have any broken links:
The main objective of an email campaign is to drive traffic to your landing pages, product pages or the home page. Without clicking the link, the user can't be redirected to these pages for signup. The key to convert your email traffic to your subscriber is the link that you provide in the email content. Before you send an email out, check if all the links are working and directing to desired pages. Along with links, use strong call-to-action with an occasional 'click here' message. An easy rule of thumb to follow… include at least 1 link per paragraph in your email.

2. Minimize use of images:
Using one image per email is fine, but using too many of it may screw up your email marketing campaign. Using too many images in your emails will also trigger SPAM filters which is obviously not good for your reputation. It is recommended not to use more than 1-3 images per email, and always be sure to host those images on high-speed image hosting services. So that the emails load time stays minimal.

3. Make it easy to unsubscribe:
This may seem counter productive, but it’s really a good practice to follow in your email marketing campaign. Making it easy to unsubscribe will get rid of those that may otherwise report your email as spam, while retaining solid subscribers that want your continued information. Make sure you have a 1-click unsubscribe process that is clearly defined.

4. Follow SPAM tips when you send:
Pay close attention to your email marketing service providers recommendations of SPAM tips prior to sending your email. If your emails fall into any of those parameters, it is going to affect your campaign badly. It’s usually just a matter of removing or changing a word or two. That extra 30 seconds can make the difference between hitting the inbox or the spam box.

5. Optimize for mobile:
The stats tells us that almost 40% of emails are first opened on a mobile devices, which means that your emails must be compatible with almost all the screen sizes. Minutely format your email messages and check if they display properly across mobile devices. If prospects cannot easily read your email, they will quickly delete it. Make sure your subject lines are not too lengthy. Ideally an email subject line should be 4 - 7 words or 30 - 33 characters long.

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