Email Testing Best Practice : List Segmentation by Demographics

As we say that in email marketing, one size does not fit all, do not fall prey to stereotypes. There is a fine line between using demographic data effectively and falling prey to stereotypes or, worse, bigotry, racism, or homophobia. While demographic data can inform more effective offers and ways to communicate with your clients, be sure to keep it respectful and remember that, even though you're dealing with a database, individuals are still people. They can be way to different from one another.

Don't be pushy about collecting data! Just because you want demographic data in order to segment your database, it doesn't mean that your users are comfortable giving it to you. Be aware that there will always be users who just don't want to share data. Don't force them into it. You'll end up alienating users and doing more harm than the good that the list segmentation will do.

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