Lead Generation Through Paid Email Programs

Paid email programs are emails sent out to high-quality targets on your behalf. Paid email programs help exceptionally to your email marketing strategy They can boost your lead generation as these vendor database increases your audience reach. This also helps to increase your database.

You can optimize lead generation through paid email programs by following tips

1.Branding and clarity are very critical while writing email copy of paid email program.

This is important because recipients may or may not know about your company. Bold, eye-catching visuals, a very clear call-to-action, are very necessary. Paid email vendors allows you to send emails to a subscribers segmented on following criteria
a) Type of your audience based on title, industry, and other demographic criteria.
b) Topics in which audience are interested.
c) Religion

2.Follow these things before and after send to optimize the result of paid email program

a. Have a back up plan to fill the gap of expected and actual result For .e.g if you expect your email program to generate 500 leads but actually generates 100 then you should have back up plan to fill this gap.If technical problem is the reason behind this gap then most of the times vendor allows you negotiate a make-up send.
b. Use third party services like Optizmo to prevent duplicates. If you send your list and your vendor’s list to Optizmo then Optizmo will send back one concise list.
c. Be aggressive and ask that the vendor re-send your email if your send doesn't go as expected.

Evaluate your paid email program

Don't just stop after handing over email marketing campaign to your vendor. Evaluate the results by revisiting your program. Analyze before and after results. This is helpful to justify your investment in paid email program.

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