The 4 Stages of Demand Generation

There are primarily four stages of demand generation. Any B2B marketer must consider these stages before implementing any content marketing or marketing automation for their demand generation.

1. Spreading awareness about the product
This is the first step in demand generation. Business must try to spread awareness about the product and should only focus on promoting the product without expecting any sales in return.

2. Creating interest in the minds of the consumers
If you think you're product is really worth, try to put forth the benefits of your products and let it create the interests in the minds of the customers. Unless, your customer finds it interesting, they will not think about it further.

3. Positioning your product in the market
Position your product well in the market. Prove its reliability, acceptance and advantages. Showcase all that is best and better than your competitor. Once your product has established a position for itself in the market, it becomes easy to attract new customers.

4. Persuading the customer to have a supportive evaluation about the product
It doesn't end will the sale. There is more to do after a sale has happened. You may be successful in tapping a customer but are interested in keeping him with you forever. That's the question you should try to answer by allowing and following your customer to provide a feedback and opinion about your product and how it can be better,

Any business organization that follows these stages is sure to get success in their demand generation activity. Now, it becomes important to understand what techniques you should follow to do the above.

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