What Content To Be Delivered at Each Lead Stage

Sending right content at right time is very crucial in content marketing. Catering your B2B content marketing specifically to each stage of the sales funnel is very important This helps to boost your sales by converting more leads and acquire more clients. By recognizing the different needs of your client, you make them feel understood. This builds their trust in you and your product.

Following are the guidelines to what content need to be sent at each lead stage

As you are aware there are 5 stages of lead


At this stage lead has problem. Lead researches online to find solution. Lead finds you on search engine through your blogs or article. At this stage sending emails that include blog posts, social media CTAs are the best.

2.Top of the funnel

At this stage lead lands up on your website. He doesn't have any relationship with your firm. He just trying to find out the options available to solve his problem, he might be also exploring options on competitors website. At this stage try to send digestible content that addresses his problems. At this stage you can send ebooks, white papers, introductory webinars and other offers that help to educate him.

3.Middle of the funnel

At this stage lead knows about what he exactly wants to solve his problem. After researching ,lead shows some kind of interest in you. You can increase his interest in you by sending Case studies, trail offers, video product demos, announcements of awards and recognitions, and any other content that helps to set your company apart from the competition.

4.Bottom of the funnel

At this stage lead is nearly converted into sales. He has made up his mind to do business with you. At this stage you can send Customer testimonials, consultations, advanced webinars and other content that will boost his confidence that he has made right decision


At this stage your lead has converted into sales. Don't just stop here, send them additional discounts and offers for upgrades

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