Role of White Papers in B2B Marketing

Are you looking for ways to boost revenues?

Worried about keeping sales up in a down economy?

Well, white papers can prove to be a versatile marketing tool. Today, more B2B marketers have understood the importance adding sponsored emails and white papers to the marketing mix. This helps promote your company's services, products, and/or technologies and bring a substantial return on investment for companies.

Besides highlighting the features of your company’s services and products, effective b2b white papers showcase your industry expertise. Further, white papers make a strong statement that you are not aiming at sales. Rather, white papers help put your company as a knowledge leader in the industry by placing you on the cutting edge of industry research. This clears indicates your confidence and munificence to share your proficiency.

Just think as if you are a customer. In fact, all we are. Correct? If you come across any problem and start looking for a solution, then you want to ensure that you are making well-informed, problem-solving decision. In simple words, before buying anything, you think for a while and then make a decision of going for it. If you want to draw potential customers to you, then you have to give them something so that customers will make a well informed decision. A document featuring a guide with figures and facts can help aid customers in their research and thus, finally result into purchasing decision and this document is white papers.

White papers are in fact a perfect blend of a brochure and magazine article. Usually, the white paper begins with a problem, then the solution to the problem is provided. This is like the magazine article section. Whereas, services/products provided by a company are given at the end of the white paper like the brochure section. The product or service provided by your company should offer the same solutions, as described in the white paper.

White Papers- Key Roles

  • Make a case that other technologies, products or processes cannot compare to yours for determining a particular business problem
  • Feature a service or product from a vendor in an effective way or illustrate research findings or present tips or questions about a business matter
  • Help highlight services or products of a company all the way through the facts and more and thus supporting a case favorable to the company
  • B2B white papers are used as lead generators. White papers are an effective way to show thought leadership and thus influence or educate potential investors, customers, and more.

You can use white papers in your company’s online content. You can mark your presence online and increase your reach by posting white papers on your Web site. Properly optimized white papers certainly help attract more targeted traffic. Thus, it also helps generate more leads and improve your search engine rankings.

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