Which tools to use to Improving Email Performance?

Email marketing is probably one of the most popular marketing tactics widely used by marketers these days. It is the easiest to understand, but hardest to get right and also hardest to perform. Your digital marketing platform offers you a range of tools to use to improve your email campaign performance. If you’re like many marketers, you’re only taking advantage of a small percentage of the tools offered by your digital marketing platform.

Here are a few tools you can use to leverage your email marketing efforts:

1. Automated A/B testing: Check what email subject lines work better for your campaign, compare their results and select the one that performs better.
2. Web tracking: This tools helps you to monitor your customer and prospect activities on your website and capture valuable information regarding a person’s interests and location in the buying cycle, which you can then use to inform your communications.
3. Send Time Optimization: This is one of the most valuable tool to be used to optimizes email send times by analyzing recipient behavior on a rolling basis and then predicting the ideal delivery time for each address on a mailing list.
4. Scoring: The scoring tool helps you to rank contacts based on key criteria and then you can use this info to nurture them more effectively, provide alerts to your sales team and improve organizational alignment.
5. Dynamic content: The dynamic content tools allows you to automatically customize entire sections of your messages based on each recipient's unique interests, preferences and behaviors.
6. Relational tables: With this tool you can create multidimensional queries that access customer data and enable you to send more relevant messages.

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