Why Brand Story Telling Is Important for Content Strategy?

Due to information abundance flood gates of information are opened to customers. They get lot of marketing messages like never before. This prompts them to ignore marketing messages, and your message could be one of them. To stand out in a crowd and to get phenomenal results form your content marketing strategy , your content has to be more innovative, personalized.. Brand story telling is one of the effective content marketing strategy. ..According to research by creative agency Aesop alongside OnePoll. Apple and Cadbury have been named the top brands for storytelling

What is Brand story telling?

Brand story telling means looking at your content from big picture perspective , to make your content more engaging for your audience. A brand story goes beyond what’s written on a website, the text in a brochure or the presentation for investors or customers. Brand Storytelling is all about telling a story in context to your target audience lives, emotions, thoughts. Every brand, irrespective of how “boring,” it is has some special hook in their product line or their value system that can be used to develop a brand story. University of Phoenix video of NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald […] working toward one of the most important completion attempts of his life: his college degree.” is a great example of it.

Why Brand story telling is important?

Brand story telling is important to your content marketing strategy for following reasons.
1. It humanizes your brand
2.It inspires and motivates your audience
3.helps to build and strengthen your relationship with your customers

To achieve the above mentioned results your brand story should be effective enough to connect with your audience. You need to gain in depth knowledge about your target audience like their interests, desires,aspirations by trying to find out the answers to questions like (1) who do you want to buy your products?(2) What impression or message do you want to convey after reading or seeing your content?This will enable you to develop an effective brand story.

Take again example of University of Phoenix, their video “NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald […] working toward one of the most important completion attempts of his life: his college degree” is all about NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald , narrating his story about his mom’s fight with cancer, his dad’s emphasis on education and how studying at the University of Phoenix allows him to work on his degree even while raising a son and traveling the world.

This video received about over 10 million views and 50 YouTube Comments. Through this brand story university of Phoenix conveyed the message to audience about importance of education and how they help to achieve that goal. Through this story ,university of Phoenix showed the benefit of signing up for an online university

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