How to Develop Content Marketing Program for Small Businesses?

The importance of content marketing is well known. Whether its a small business or big every organization is adopting content marketing as an integral part of marketing activities. For small businesses content marketing might be little difficult due to limited resources, time and money. Here are three types content every small businesses should have to develop their content marketing program. If you run a small business, then with these three types of content you can put forth yourself as trusted ad visor to your customers and prospects.

Customer Case study

Customer case studies build trust and confidence amongst your potential customers. Through case studies you can show to your potential customers how your product and services benefited your customers and helped them to solve their problem. It establishes your organization as problem solver because your customer applauds your product and serviced through case studies. Case studies streamline the B2B decision making process because B2B buyers consider customer case studies and reviews while researching products.

Important elements of customer case study are
1. it should focus on customer pain points, problems
2.It should highlight how your contribution solved the said problem
3.Highlight what you offered to solve customer problem
4.Use supporting images
5. Create hard copy and soft copy

You can use customer case studies on your website,whitepaper,ebook for your email newsletter,


In content marketing content is a king. Your content has to be educative and informative for your audience. Ebook is an educational piece of content that you can offer to your target audience for educating them on certain topic related to them. Ebook helps you to showcase your expertise and helps to establish yourself as thought leader.
Key elements of ebook
1.It should address your audience problems and concerns
2.Use lots of supportive images,graphics.
3.Promote your ebook across all channels
4.Make it educational and very low on self promotion


Blog is a medium through which you can educate your readers, potential customers on topics relevant to them, but not as much as you would in an eBook.You can update them about current trends in your industry, current activities and research that is relevant to their businesses.
Key elements of blogs
1.Blog content should be relevant to the interests of your target audience
2.Update your blog regularly
3.Keep it simple, no need to be fancy and formal

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