Lead Generation Best Practices - Educating Prospects Over Time

The process of lead generation has changed over the time. Earlier it used to be a B2B marketing department that looked after awareness and branding activities. In the present scenario, things have changed. Today's prospects has all the access to information they need for a product or a service. Today lead generation department facilitate a buying process with the help of cross-channel marketing platforms.

The modern lead generation process begins much earlier in the buying cycle than it used to. We, now deal with smart and aware prospects, who look for relevant information on social media, educational webinars, and search, and we as marketers seek to be found wherever our prospective buyers may be looking for the information. Our main objective is to provide these prospective buyers with the information that can solve their problem. As a prospect engages with the organization, the education process can move into lead nurturing. By providing valuable content over time at various touch points, marketers will be able to remain top-of-mind and slowly educate the prospect on the key considerations for the purchase decision.

At some point in future, you might notice a slight change in prospect’s online behavior. This indicates that they’re ready to engage with sales in a later-stage and may make a buying decision. Marketers can identify hot leads (ready to buy) through lead scoring, which matches the individual’s behavior to activities that are known to indicate buying intent. The conversation rest on a foundation of buyer education that has been built in the earlier stages of the lead generation process.

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