User Analysis for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing, mobile SEO and mobile analytics are emerging as the latest trends in the marketing scenario. As more and more users are adapting smartphones, tablets and other mobile accessories for searching the internet and increasing the knowledge about business, business organizations have no option but to adapt the websites and other online data to the mobile interface. Mobile analytics is applied to understand the pattern of the users regarding mobiles and web. These studies reveal that the websites where the data is not optimized for the mobile screens are less preferred by users who surf the small screens. Therefore understanding the audience helps the businesses in getting acquainted with the ways to get accustomed to the mobile sites.

The classification of mobile users is based on various parameters:

Most of the people including individuals and business professionals get hooked on to their mobiles and tablets in early mornings. This is mostly to pick up with the prior correspondence and also to catch up with the latest content that is posted for the day. They may get on to the business and shopping sites. This could be with the intention of business or it could be sheer curiosity. Considering this class of users in extremely important and there needs to be an analytical study conducted to understand them.

The second type of users is those who turn on to their smartphones as they are on the go. While traveling to work or moving out for the day, they are accessing the mobile for social networking sites from where they may be guided to various websites. This is the time where people are absorbed with work and the transit also gets in connectivity issues. It is for this class that the mobile websites need to be classically optimized. Broken links or sites that do not open aptly are often ignored. Similarly, websites that are not optimized for mobile phones do not receive a warm welcome as there is a problem to view them.

Throughout the day, the graph of mobile users goes down a bit as professionals get on to their laptops and work stations. Individual use for surfing business sites lows down a bit.

End of the day again witnesses a peak in the use of smartphones and tablets. The use of social media is also on the high during this time and people are keen on responding to pending mails and messages across networks. Users are relaxed and within their internet range, and are patient for being diverted from one website to other.

Mobile analytics can make use of these factors for various strategies regarding mobile marketing. Getting your presence on social platforms in a mobile friendly way, working on your website to make it mobile friendly and to tap the audience during the prime times in the right way are some of the points that can be considered.

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