Why Mobile Marketing Matters To Your Business?

Mobile marketing is speedily becoming integral part of business marketing activities. According to recent study there will be rise in the number of mobile devices and mobile users. Mobile internet usage has grown over desktop internet usage. According to Heidi Cohen there are now 143 million smart phones in use in the U.S., and 71 million tablets. So if you are not having proper mobile marketing strategy in place then you are running behind competition.

Mobile marketing is beneficial to your business in following ways

Immediate response

Mobile users check their phones very often. Any new message they receive are often opened and read within a 3-minute period. This period is less as compare to email open period. There is no specific time at which your reader will see messages on his mobile. He can view it at any point of time. If your message is appealing to them then you might get immediate response. For example if you offer some incentive to purchase your product, if this message design is responsive enough to be read on mobile, and it interests your audience , then you might get immediate response by converting it to potential sale faster. According to Convince &Convert 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour

For this you need to be engaging and informative. Your information should be precise and to the point enabling people to check while they are on the go. Don't forget to define a clear call to action.

Easy sales tracking

Sales tracking is important to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Measuring the effectiveness of mobile marketing is comparatively easy. Mobile users often send their feedback immediately if your marketing offer is of their interest. This helps to easily track your conversion

Mobile enables you to connect with your customers at right time.

Businesses are supposed to go where their customers and potential customers are and get there first. Customers or potential customers are looking to their mobile device for shopping, searching, entertainment, socializing and brand interaction . Mobile marketing helps you to connect with them at right time no matter where they are. This also helps to guide your potential customers through sales funnel.

According to Heidi Cohen Marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in the U.S. in 2012. That figure doubled to $8.5 million in 2013; and that figure is projected to quadruple to $31.1 billion by 2017. So do you have mobile marketing strategy in place to market your business? If no then its right time to start.

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