Responsive Mobile Email Marketing Design Is The Need of Today's Marketing World.

What is responsive Email design?

Responsive email design has been growing steadily in popularity, 47% of email opens are on a mobile device .Responsive email design is email design adaptable to the layout of the receiving device so that they are easily readable on any receiving device like mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

Why responsiveness in mobile email marketing is needed?

Below mentioned statistics is strong enough to demonstrate the importance of responsiveness in mobile email marketing

47% of email opens happen on mobile devices. Studies find people look at their phones an avg of 150 times/day
Mobile internet users are rising day by day. Email marketing is one of the most important lead generating method. If your emails are not mobile ready then it won't give you the desired results.
80% of people delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device
If your emails are not mobile ready and easily readable then there are chances that your recipients ignore your email and delete it. So ignoring responsiveness in your mobile email marketing can affect your lead generation. This might in turn affect your sales and revenue. Responsive mobile email marketing design is the need of today's marketing world.
Responsive email design is beneficial to you in terms of increased usability, higher read rates, better performance and click-through rates.
There are following key elements of any responsive email design
Vital information of your email should be visible on every device like mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop. Your responsive email design layout has to be flexible enough for these devices.
Image should be flexible enough to adjust screen size in proportion to your email content.
Use media query ( a set of CSS styles) to reposition the information as per screen size.

Don't forget to test your responsive email design

Test your responsive email designs on various clients and mobile devices to make sure it displays the information the way you want. This is necessary because your email appearance can be impacted due to differences in devices, manufacturers, applications and screen sizes

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