Best Ways to Get Sales Email Opened

Email marketers often struggle to improve their email open rates. There are times when email copy or the time they send an email really does not impact the open rate. What should they do in that case? Following are some guidelines that will help b2b marketers to get their sales emails opened.
  • Make the subject line simple : All of us receive 100s of emails everyday. We usually decide which ones to open based upon a quick scan of the list of messages in our inbox. Email subject line which are simple and are easy to understand have better chances to get opened.
  • Make subject lines short : As we quickly scan our inbox, the short email subject lines immediately grab our attention and short Subject Line makes it more likely that the entire Subject Line will appear on the list and not be cut off mid sentence.
  • Use a pre-tested subject line : Pre tested email subject lines interest people enough to click on it. You can use a title of a popular blog post as your subject line for guaranteed high open rate.
  • Localize but don't personalize : Every email marketer these days uses as emailing program that inserts recipient;s name ( first or last) in your email body or the subject line. But what they do not do is localize their subject lines. Inserting a location is less common and implies that the source of the email is local.
  • Have content that delivers goods: Recipients tend to ignore emails from people they don't know and read emails from they know (or know of).  That's why you'll get a much higher open rate if you're emailing current customers, former customers or people who've "signed up" to get emails from you. If your email has great content, there's a good chance that the recipient will open future sales emails, even if the Subject Line isn't fabulous.

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