The Dos & Don’ts of Email Subject Lines

There is no secret to crafting an email subject line that guarantee you an improved email open rate and click through. Getting a perfect email subject line is hard, but not impossible. However, there are a few things that will increase your open rates and others that needs to be avoided. Here are few dos and don'ts to get an idea of current email subject line best practices:

Don'ts of email Subject lines:

1. Don't use special characters in your email subject lines as they may occasionally trigger spam filters. Using symbols in email subject lines may increase open rates but their effect on clicks is still unknown.

2. Do not send emails to ask for help : If you always ask for help or assistance, your users may not bother to open email and respond. The fear of being scammed keeps them away from such emails.

3. Including First name in the email subject line does not always result in increased open rate and clicks. In a study conducted by MailerMailer, it was found that click through and open rates were both negatively impacted.

4. Including numbers in your email subject line can often increase engagement levels and create interest, but they also put your emails in danger of getting lost in numerous 'special offers'.

5. Using all Capital letters in the subject line are not properly readable. Using them occasionally is fine, using them always is not advisable.

Dos of email subject lines:

1. Reference location : When targeting a location specific audience, add a personal touch to your subject line by including the area name in the subject line.

2. Use questions : Subject lines phrased as questions perform better than similar subject lines that were plain statements.

3. Keep it short : Longer subject lines perform worst. The best way is to keep them under 50 characters including spaces.

4. Clear sender information : When your emails shows up in recipient's inbox, it should clearly show where the email is coming from i.e. either your name or the company name has to be there.

5. Clear call to action : A call to action is helpful for readers as it indicates what their next step should be. It directs a reader to take a specific action.

6. Convey a sense of urgency or scarcity : The shorter the amount of time that recipients have to act, the more compelled they will feel to do so.

7. Be Specific in your email subject lines : Your email subject lines should clearly convey the message in your email.

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