Email Subject Lines with 30 or Fewer Characters have an Above Average Open Rate

A few characters can boost the open rate of your marketing emails 5 percent or more. Getting a potential customer to open your marketing email or the newsletter is difficult. Be very thoughtful when you start to draft your email. Remember that the email subject line is the first thing that a customer sees in his inbox, and to make the most out it, your email subject line must be short and crisp.

Madhu Gulati, president of ShowMeLeads, cites research that analyzed about 540 email campaigns with approx. 260 million emails to understand the optimum subject line length for email marketing campaigns. The data revealed that
- Subject lines with six to 10 words generated a 21 percent open rate.
- Subject lines with five or fewer words were opened approximately 16 percent of the time.
- Subject lines with 11-15 words had around a 14 percent open rate. Despite this, more than half (52 percent) of the emails fell in this range.

In a study it was revealed that 40% of emails are opened on mobile first - where the average mobile screen size can only accommodate 4 - 7 words max. Conclusion? Keep your subject lines close to 6 - 10 words or less than 30 characters and these short email subject lines are optimal for mobile users, as they could easily be displayed on their mobile gadgets.

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