Importance of Tracking Phone Calls in Email Marketing

Email marketing is an internet marketing tool that is holding its own place in the marketing options for businesses. Email marketing brings a maximum ROI when these email marketing campaigns are tested continually for all aspect of it like ,email subject lines, format to messaging and calls-to-action – to find what works and what doesn’t. Marketing automation tools are used to closely monitor performance data like open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. This is important to gauge the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Tracking of email triggered phone call should also be part of these email performance metrics.
Marketing automation software tells you the which email recipients clicked on a link, visited your site, and downloaded your whitepaper, webinar, or free trial. But the lead who reads your email and gives you call doesn't get counted in your email performance metrics. This call should be ideally attributed to your email marketing efforts.

why tracking email triggered phone calls in your email performance metrics?

High value of phone calls

Not all leads generated are equal. Leads generated through content marketing strategies like webinar, whitepaper, are good source of generating new contacts. But all these leads are usually in research phase. They are just at the beginning at the sales cycle. Leads who initiates phone calls are more likely to convert in sales than just simply be leads. They are the one who are genuinely interested in your product or businesses. Therefore, these leads are the most need to track.

High usage of smart phones

Significant percentage of your targeted audience prefer to check their emails on the smartphone. This will keep on increasing . These people are most likely to click on link to call , triggering phone call. Tracking these calls back to the specific marketing source, including your email marketing, is an important part of understanding your ROI.

Which metrics to use to measure email triggered phone call?

Measuring call volume

Number of calls generated on sending of your emails. This is the first metric you can measure.This can be done by creating unique phone number and displaying it in your email messages. You can collect the data by using call tracking software. Using this similar technique ,calls triggered by email or calls triggered by email landing page visits can be measured.

Location of calls

Understanding the geographical location of your caller can help you to advertise smartly. For .e.g if huge percentage of your email triggered calls are coming from Los Angeles then you might think of running more advertising and email campaigns in this location.

Day of week

If on a specific days of week you get high volume email triggered calls then you can send emails on these specific days of week. For .e.g if you get high volume calls on Saturdays and Sundays then you might wish to send more emails on these days of the week .

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