How to Craft Content Strategy to Drive Organic Traffic?

You need to strategically employ content marketing to drive organic traffic to your website. Here are steps to develop content strategy to drive traffic.

Develop buyer persona

To optimize the content marketing efforts your content needs to be buyer centric. It should be relevant to their interest and should answer customer questions , concerns. Researching your audience is important before deciding on content topics. Buyer persona helps you to understand your customers. According to Hubspot Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Buyer persona helps you to find out answers to questions like (1) Who your target customers are(2) what kind of people you want to read your content. By creating buyer persona you can tailor your content to specific needs,interest of your potential customers.

Create keyword list

Content is a king in content marketing. Your buyer decides your content strategy in terms of type of content,topic of content, If you develop customer centric content, it will help to get organic traffic from your content marketing. To put it in simple words your target audience researches for something on search engines and you create content for which they are searching to get organic traffic for your website. You need to understand what information your target audience is searching for by creating keyword or keyword phrases list used by your target audience. For this you need to understand your niche and based on this knowledge choose topics, or longtail keywords, that your target audience searches for most . Deep dive into these topics to get additional topics and keywords.

Determine the type of content your buyer wants

Determine the type of content like blogs,articles,webinar, ebooks your buyer wants by researching your audience. Each type of content caters to unique learning style of your buyer. Generally organization create various types of content to provide different options to buyer to consume content. While developing different type of content is beneficial for your content marketing but you need to focus on a particular type of content which attracts your buyer.

Develop content frequency pattern

You need to determine how frequently you should be posting different types of content. This depends on type of content. Different forms of content has different frequency to post. For example the frequency of Pinterest ,Twitter will differ from blogs,articles. You also need to keep your audience in mind while developing content frequency pattern. You need to take into consideration when and how frequently they access your content. After deciding on frequency, develop a consistent and strategic schedule to post by making calender.

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