Not Getting Desired Results Out of Your e-books or white paper, Use These Promotional Tactics to Get That.

When your content is not performing well or giving you desired result, it always tends you to think about the quality of your content. Indeed quality of content is important but marketing your content properly is also equally important.

Here are the ways in which you can promote your ebooks or whitepaper.

Include link on your company website

Include link to your e-book or white paper on your company website.You can put an icon or banner on the home page referencing the white paper. You can Include in-line links to the eBook as part of your web copy. You can Include your whitepaper or e-books on any appropriate resource pages.

Use your company blog

Your company blog is a great way to promote your e-book or white paper. You can create a post ,giving an overview of your e-books or whitepaper. You can use your whitepaper or e-book as call to action wherever appropriate..

Internal publications

You can include information about your e-book or whitepaper in your internal publications like employee facing journals or newsletter.

Lead Nurturing campaigns

You can use your e-books or whitepapers as offers for your lead nurturing campaigns

Include link in your follow up emails

You can include links to your e-books or whitepapers in your follow up emails sent to people for particiapting in an event like webinar,trade show etc.

Client facing newsletter

Include a link to your e-books or whitepaper in your client newsletter. Send it to only those clients who might be interested in issues or problems you addressed in your e-book or whitepaper.

Present client your e-book or whitepaper after sales call

You can Present the client with a hard copy or a memory stick with the PDF after a face-to-face meeting.

Share it with key bloggers in your industry

Sharing your e-book or whitepaper to the key bloggers in your industry is a great medium to promote your ebooks or whitepaper. Here you need to convince the blogger about how this e-book or whitepaper is relevant to their audience.

Share it across social media platforms like LinkedIn,Twitter

You can share your ebooks or whitepapers in your LinkedIN groups. You can ask group members to read and give review, this way it will get promoted also and if there are any flaws you will come to know about it On Twitter you can tweet about certain topic mentioned in your ebook or whitepaper and start conversation about it. Then include links to it in your tweets.

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